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My Writing Process - Novels


For this small post, I thought I’d share with you a bit about how I write. For those of you unaware, not only am I a reader, but also a writer.

I mean come on, everyone is.

With that, I’m pretty amateur. I’ve had two of my poems published by Bond University and one of my short stories published by Gold Coast Libraries, but besides that I’m still a broke writer. Sad life.

Anywho, at the moment I have something in the works involving a dystopian world – but that’s a secret I’ll never tell. (You all just whispered XOXO Gossip Girl, I HEARD YOU). But the question is, how do I come up with my ideas?

The answer: people watching and songs.

I’m a visual writer in the sense that my imagine runs wild when I have something realistic to grip onto. Description comes easier when I’m seeing facial expressions, gestures and actions firsthand rather than imagining it. Not only does¬† people watching help me write, it also has made me a master manipulator, but that’s another story.

But to really get a grip on a scene or chapter, I like assigning songs to each. Lyrics, beats and rhythm all help me decide the tone of the chapter. Will it be fast-paced or slow? Will the plot thicken or all fall apart? Will a character learn something or fall further into mess? Yes, for me, it’s all decided by my mood listening to songs. Gotta love it.

Here’s a list of the playlist for my not-even-slightly-written new novel,¬†The Void:

  1. A Different Way by DJ Snake and Lauv
  2. Wolves by Selena Gomez
  3. Stargazing by Kygo and Justin Jesso
  4. Anyway by Tyron Hapi
  5. Lose My Mind by Dean Lewis
  6. Water by Jake Garratt
  7. Don’t Blame Me by Taylor Swift
  8. Him & I by G-Eazy and Halsey
  9. Bruises by Lewis Capaldi
  10. Sober by G-Eazy and Charlie Puth
  11. We Won’t by Jaymes Young
  12. Fake Love by BTS
  13. We Won’t Run by Sarah Blasko
  14. 11 Blocks by Wrabel
  15. Real Friends by Camilla Cabello
  16. River by Eminem and Ed Sheeran
  17. I Did Something Bad by Taylor Swift
  18. Wait by Martin Jessen
  19. Pray For Me by The Weeknd and Kendrick Lamar
  20. Heaven by Julia Michaels
  21. Love Lies by Khalid and Normani
  22. Never Enough by Loren Allred
  23. Me So Bad by Tinashe, Ty Dolla $ign and French Montana
  24. Drift Away by Sons of Zion
  25. Somebody Special by Nina Nesbitt
  26. Monster by CXLOE
  27. Drink About by Seeb and Dagny
  28. Pyschopath by Charlotte Lawrence
  29. Lovely by Billie Eilish and Khalid
  30. Dazed and Confused by Ruel
  31. Stormy Love by ZHU and JOY
  32. Solo by Clean Bandit and Demi Lovato
  33. Youngblood by 5SOS
  34. Start Again by OneRepublic and Logic
  35. 1950 by King Princess
  36. Younger by Ruel
  37. Call Out My Name by The Weeknd
  38. Ocean Eyes by Billie Eilish
  39. Wake Me When It’s Quiet by Hilda and Don Diablo
  40. Whatever It Takes by Imagine Dragons
  41. Better Now by Post Malone

As you can see from that extensive list, I listen to a whole lot of genres and songwriters. It helps my creative thought eb and flow better when I’m thinking up ideas.

The actual plot for this novel gets decided on the go. I have a massive page of notes on my iPhone that no matter the time or place, if I have an idea I add it, if I see someone I take a picture and add it, if I see a quote I write it in. This means that the ideas are super messy at the moment, but as I get further into the ideas, they all sort of work themselves out.

SO that’s my thought process on how I write and prepare my novels.

Leave how you guys create in the comments, would love to hear your processes!





I have a list on my phone. Whenever an idea comes to me, I just write one up. I haven't been on the website for a week and haven't posted for more than that. But I'm back!

25th Jun, 18

Me too! I write most of my poetry on the train coz that's where my best ideas are formed.

31st Mar, 19