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Is living in a dystopian world closer than we think?


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How has everyone been? It’s been a little while (only like six months whoops), but I am back and better than ever.

But you know what’s not better than ever?

The Earth.

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In all seriousness, I’ve been watching ‘Our Planet’, narrated by David Attenborough, and I’ve come to the conclusion that our doom is literally inevitable now.  I watched walruses literally commit suicide because their home on the ice is melting, so they climbed up a cliff and fell due to their limited vision out of water. Thanks, David Attenborough. You ruined my day.

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This got me thinking – if our world is conclusively doomed because of human interference, what is our future going to look like? The answer: a dystopian novel.

Now before you roll your eyes, really think about this like I just did in the shower. How does every dystopian novel start? War, suffering, disease and humans destroying the EARTH. WHAT ARE WE CURRENTLY DOING? DESTROYING THE EARTH.

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My point here is that if you ever wanted to live like Tris from Divergent, it’s your time to shine.

What are your thoughts?




It sounds probable, but it's so hard to imagine it being reality.

29th Jun, 19

It’ll happen!

29th Jun, 19

There'll always be good people in the world.

“When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, "Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.”
― Fred Rogers</cite

That said, you are right, we are moving closer and closer to a dystopian society. And not only due to war and the climate emergency. The polarization of society, misinformation, the resurgence of hate, AI weaponry, the weaponization of our privacy, censorship, human rights abuses and etc. I could go on and on. But don't lose hope just yet. There is so much good happening under the veil of negativity that the media reports.

30th Jun, 19

Okay, Bane. You may as well have written this post yourself! So many things are happening in our world that I feel our generation is so blanketed to. Social media has helped coverage a lot, but actually understanding that this is happening right now doesn’t seem to be making any difference...

1st Jul, 19

In reply to eriinfisher

We're all so numb and it's all so distant. There's a lot of good happening in the world

1st Jul, 19
inky State Library Victoria

There is so much that is true in this post. So many people in power doing the wrong thing by the world. Yes, it feels inevitable that change will happen - and not for the better. But remember that you have a voice and you can speak up, protest and be able to vote soon. We all have to do what we can. And hope. Don't forget to keep some hope alight!

1st Jul, 19