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How To: Journal/Diary


Never to worry, Erin is back and better than ever. Things are going a bit slow around here, as in turns out that I’m horrible at reading books that are forced upon me…that being said, my inky books are INSANE. Like I’m taking a year to read them, but they’re so well-written that I think the reason it’s taking me so long is because my mind is officially blown.

Anyway, this fun little post will be all about DIY diary and journals that I use on the daily in order to further my procrastination.

Without further ado: DIY diary/journal

So firstly, I get a blank lined diary from either Kikki.K, Typo or the newsagents:

This one is hard-cover, blue/green leather notebook from Typo

As you can see, I put stickers on the front of mine. I have a travel sticker from my luggage sticker set as well as an InsideaDog.com.au sticker. Also remember that your diary doesn’t need to be super expensive or flashy on the outside, it’s what is inside that matters.

Other ideas for covers are aesthetic ones that I’m not talented enough to make such as these:

You need to choose a theme

So I’m super inventive and my theme is whatever I want it to be…..For a more aesthetic look, colour schemes, certain fonts and pictures make your journal look amazing like these:

I know right, super ascetti.

Mine looks more like this:

Two things noted from the above: I watch a lot of movies and yes, I’m super into scrapbooking at the moment.

So once you’ve sorted out your theme and started your success, adding some fun things in always works a charm.

You can easily look up ideas on Pinterest or WeHeartIt

A few of mine are:

I find these ones are super helpful for me. ‘Savings Goals’ helps me keep track of how I’m going savings wise (like what happened between March and April? Books, books happened). ‘Pay Day’ is super necessary for me to make sure I’m getting paid correctly and also for reference in case I need to know when and how much I was paid. I have a few quotes in there because quotes are everythingggg. ‘Books to Read’ was supposed to be Books already read. It doesn’t really serve any purpose other than confirming how many books I’m reading and what books I’m reading (only 75 so far this year, weak effort). The same goes for 2018 movies.

But as I said, looking up ‘journal ideas’ on Pinterest helped me pick ones I liked so go check good ol’ pinny out.

Finally, have fun and experiment!

What’s best about DIYing your own journal and diary is that you can do whatever you like with it. Be creative!

Till next time,




All your journals look amazing!

14th Jun, 18

Naw thankyou!

14th Jun, 18

I agree. I'm terrible at time management. I haven't been on the website for a week and haven't posted for more than that. But I'm back!

25th Jun, 18

Wow your journal looks amazing! I can see a lot of work being put into it! I might try one myself...

31st Mar, 19