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Currently Reading

Thought I’d do a quick update of what I’m currently reading and what to expect reviews on soon!

If you’ve read Introducing: Me, a Blog about Me you’ll be aware that I can’t read just one book at a time (unless I’ve been waiting for it or it’s SUPER good).

  1. The Chalk Man by C.J. Tudor
  2. The Disturbed Girl’s Dictionary by NoNieqa Ramos
  3. Obernewtyn by Isobelle Carmody
  4. The Defectors by Tarah Benner
  5. The Watchers of Eden by T.C. Edge

So I’m reading quite a mix of genres at the moment, but I’m quite excited to review The Disturbed Girls Dictionary (other reviews suggest it is similar to 13RW, but is it really?) and also The Watchers of Eden. With The Watchers trilogy, I haven’t decided whether I’ll finish the first one then review or read the trilogy then review. I love other series by the author so we’ll have to see what happens. I’ve currently got two drafts going on my Reviews blog which will be posted soon so look out for them!

Please leave recommendations in the comments! I love picking up books that you guys like!




Never heard of them. I'll be interested to hear more from you about them.

1st May, 18

Chalk Man is more Adult Fiction than YA so that makes sense, The Disturbed Girl's Dictionary is a new release, just two months old! It's quite popular in the US and just hit my library in the Gold Coast (love that new book smell) so maybe that's why? Obernewtyn is actually very popular in YA and the last two are Kindle books so that would explain why you wouldn't know them aha! I sometimes feel like the very popular YA novels are generic and scrape the bar of potential whereas some of the unknowns are just out of this world in sense of plot and writing depth :)

4th May, 18

Obernewtyn is basically a classic! So good!! Carmody is amazing!!!

5th May, 18

I've read a whole total of one page and am already loving her writing style! Have to finish The Red Queen series first (I'm really into the third book and can't seem to put it down!), but I'm excited to read further into Obernewtyn.

6th May, 18