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6 Easy Steps to Book Review Success

For those of you new to Miscellaneous, my name is Erin (or E) and I write stuff. Miscellaneous is one of my blogs where an assortment of different reviews, favourites, posts and random thoughts are kept. Check out my other blog Book Reviews for my thoughts on Victoria Aveyard’s Red Queen and The Gender Games by Bella Forrest.

Now onto the post!

Inside a Dog gets new members everyday, so I thought I’d do a kindness by explaining my process on how I write my book reviews to inspire and help other users understand what goes on here. Please be aware that this is just how I do my reviews and that it’s important that you find your own unique style that relates to the books you read and your audience.

Without further ado: How I write my reviews.

  1. Read the book

I read a lot of different types of novels so that my blog/s have a range that relate to different audiences, but my favourites are sci-fi, dystopian novels.

Whilst I read the book, I take down notes on different things such as character development, plots, quotes and things I despise to come back to later. If I’m really into the book, then I come back later and write notes. I like to try and take my notes whilst reading so that my views aren’t biased by the conclusion.

2. Sort my thoughts into categories

If you have read my review on Red Queen, you have a direct insight on how my review planning sort of works. I categorise my notes so that while I’m writing my review, it flows and relates. I’m not the sort of person who just throws thoughts onto the post that are hard to understand – although I do get pretty hype when I talk about OTP’s….

3. Find the theme for my review

This one is important. Do I want to be informal and funny? Formal and direct? Is there something that really stands out in the book that should be the main focus? Q&A format? Flowchart format? So many choices! I change my style up so that each review is unique and different, but some users like to keep their reviews in a constant format because that’s what their audience prefers.

4. Have I answered all the need-to-know questions?

When someone wants a review on a book, they mostly want to know what you thought about the plot, characters and overall feel of the book. (I personally don’t care much about the author because relying on an author to produce the best quality for all their novels isn’t always a great idea). Furthermore, making sure you do touch on different sections of the novel is always a great idea when writing a review. For me, I always talk about setting description and character development because it’s something I know I would want to know.

@amarlie also posted a how to: book review and there are some questions on that post to keep in mind when your writing a review so check them out.

5. Edit, edit, edit.

I’m no perfectionist, but making sure I have commas in the right spot and everything spelled correctly is a must. I wouldn’t want to read a review by someone who can’t even use correct grammar, but also be aware that no one is going to judge you (too hard hopefully) if you use the wrong your or get so excited you incorrectly spell cake. It’s okay. I edit by clicking the ‘View Post’ button at the top of the screen and read it as if I haven’t written it.

6. Add gifs and images.

I LOVE GIFS SO MUCH. Having an interactive post really appeals to me because you can add so much more personality to it. I use the site ‘giphy’ for all my gifs (your welcome).

So that’s it, my 6 easy steps to book review success. Hope this helps someone out!




I wish I could write book reviews as good as you!

5th May, 18

You make me blush, Bane! You've already got a few reviews going that show off you're just as good as you believe me to be, don't be so hard on yourself.

6th May, 18